At Flatout Karts, we are the distributor of five of the most successful kart brands in Australia and the world. Australian-made to European-made, Cadets to Seniors – we have you covered. We are also the distributor of the Cadet 4SS category Karting Australia control kart.

Flatout Package

Flatout Spec Kart Package

At Flatout Karts, we offer our very own Flatout spec race package that can be customised with any of the below karts. Included in the package is our custom Flatout sticker kit printed with your name and your race number, upgraded magnesium wheels, top of the line seat and axle all tailored and set up to West Australian race conditions. This is the exact package that you will see our front running drivers in.


Arrow Karts

Arrow Karts are a successful Australian-made chassis manufactured by DPE Kart Technology in Melbourne, Victoria. DPE Kart Technology, founded in 1973, has won over 100 national championships and over 1000 state championships. Arrow in particular has also had success overseas, finishing first and second at the 2013 Las Vegas Supernationals. In 2019, Arrow Karts finished 2nd in the Australian Karting Championship Manufacturer’s Cup. With the introduction of the new Arrow X5 model, we are seeing more and more success with the Arrow Kart.


Parolin Karts

Parolin is another Italian kart manufacturer. As well as manufacturing their own Parolin kart, they are also manufacturers of multiple other kart brands. They do pretty much all production from chassis’ to components to plastics all in-house. They are a very successful kart brand used worldwide and the Cadet kart in particular is currently the most popular brand in the world.


Kosmic Karts

Also manufactured by the OTK Kart Group in Italy, the Kosmic Kart also sees a lot of success in Australian Karting. In 2019, Kosmic Karts won the Manufacturer’s Cup in the Australian Karting Championship. In addition to this, Kosmic Karts have won multiple world, European and Asian championships. The purple and pink colours are definitely a stand-out on the track!


FA Karts

The FA Kart is a successful kart manufactured by the OTK Kart Group in Italy. Endorsed by the very successful racing driver Fernando Alonso, the kart has had great success in Australia as well as Europe with multiple European and World Championships under their belt.


Cadet 4SS KA Control Kart (Ricciardo Kart)

From 1 July 2020, the Ricciardo Kart will be the only eligible kart to compete in the Karting Australia Cadet 4SS class. The category is an entry-level, low maintenance, low cost, grassroots level of karting for ages 6 – 12 years old. The Ricciardo Kart is only chassis that is allowed to be used and the Torini or Briggs-Stratton four-stroke engines are the only eligible engines for the category.