Arrive and Drive

At Flatout Karts, we offer bespoke Arrive and Drive packages for a variety of categories catered to suit your needs.

We are able to accommodate our Arrive and Drive packages to your needs but the services we can include in your package are:

  • Consumables (chain lube, oil, fuel etc.)
  • Kart Transport
  • Kart Storage
  • Kart Preparation
  • Track Support

Our Support at the track includes:

  • Driver Tuition
    • At Flatout Karts, we offer an above-all trackside tuition service for practice days or race days. Our coaches are both nationally and internationally experienced drivers with a combined 40 years’ experience in the sport. Driver tuition and skill is what will give you the edge over your competitors. In competitive kart racing, everyone has a competitive engine and competitive kart – it is the driver’s skill and technique that makes the real difference.
  • Engine Tuning
    • If Flatout Karts are your engine builders, we provide trackside engine tuning adapted to the weather and track conditions on the day.
  • Kart Setup
    • Like Engine Tuning, the track conditions and weather on the day can have a huge effect on the way you set up your kart. Even something as simple as the type of tyres used by the category directly before you in the race order can make the kart handle differently from a test day with different conditions. This is why kart setup support is invaluable to find those last couple of tenths to get to the pointy end of the field.
  • Data and Camera Analysis
  • Tent Space
    • At all major karting meetings, Flatout Karts brings along their custom team marquee with spaces available for customers.
  • Mechanic

We do also offer kart lease options if you don’t own your own equipment. Again, we can customise a package to suit your specific needs so please enquire with your requirements.

Damage is NOT included in any of our packages. Any damaged parts are charged on top of the agreed quote price.