2020 WA State Championships Oct 07, 2020

Midwest Kart Club held the 2020 WA State Kart Championships. The circuit has recently undergone resurfacing which proved a challenge for all teams. The new track surface provided high grip conditions. We implemented our European experience of high grip tracks which gave us great performing karts from class to class. The event was run very well and all live stream footage from the event can be found on the Karting WA Facebook page. The whole Flatout Karts team put in an outstanding effort in the lead up to this event and it proved itself in results! We would like to thank each and every customer for the effort put into such an event and bringing home such great results! Some stand out results from the weekend was KA3 Senior Medium taking out 1st, 2nd and 3rd position. TaG 125 Light had Flatout in 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th position.

Our podium results from the weekend are as below:

Cadet 9: 

  • Chace Webb 2nd

Cadet 12: 

  • Sachen Smith 4th
  • Connor Radford 5th

KA4 Junior: 

  • Noah Lisle 1st
  • Riley Watkins 3rd

KA3 Junior: 

  • Thomas Laughton 1st
  • Noah Lisle 3rd

KA3 Senior Medium: 

  • Brandon Duncombe 1st
  • Jason Betts 2nd
  • Royce Nott 3rd

KA3 Senior Heavy: 

  • Lochlan Harvey 1st
  • Craig Ryan 4th

TaG 125 Light: 

  • Sam Dicker 2nd
  • Aiden Passmore 3rd
  • Shae Thompson 4th
  • Ashley Morrissey 5th

TaG 125 Heavy: 

  • Ryan Barron 3rd  

WA Open Performance

  • Caprice Hall 4th

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