2019 Western Cup Series Dec 11, 2019


As per usual, congratulations to the whole team for not only an awesome weekend, an awesome Western Cup effort, but also a great season.

It was so good to see such a tight knit, yet large volume team throughout the season. Everyone worked their butts off and that’s really what makes for such impressive results.

Great job to all our customers, below are the results from the Western Cup 2019;

Overall, we came out with six wins out of the 12 classes running in the championship meaning we won 50% of the categories – this is unreal for one team! We also had at least one podium in every single class.

Cadet 9:
3rd Orlando Peovitis

Cadet 12:
1st Zane Rhodes
3rd James Buchan

KA4 Jnr Light:
1st Joshua Byrne
2nd Thomas Laughton

KA3 Junior:
3rd Thomas Laughton

KA3 Senior Light:
1st Kieren Ellis
3rd Flynn Thompso

KA3 Senior Medium:
3rd Lochlen Harvey

TaG 125 Restricted Light:
2nd Teegan Stewart

TaG 125 Restricted Medium:
2nd Marc Redman

TaG 125 Restricted Masters:
1st Graham Westling

TaG 125 Light:
1st Shae Thompson
3rd Hayden Fraser

TaG 125 Heavy:
1st Lewis Reid

Open Performance:
2nd Dave Harris

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